Eat, Cook, Resist

It’s hard to know how to #Resist and actually make a difference.

A great resource to start is a book called Feed the Resistance by Julia Turshen. It includes volunteer ideas and foolproof recipes to literally feed the resistance. Plus profits go to the ACLU!

Many of us sat down with our families and friends last week to eat a bunch and hopefully relax. No matter how bland the food was, some of us thought about people who have much less to eat and be thankful for. Every willing and open person can apply gratitude to their everyday lives, not just once a year.

Spreading the word about the coop on a frigid Fall day at  Bed Stuy Alive .

Spreading the word about the coop on a frigid Fall day at Bed Stuy Alive.

I’ve been helping with starting a local food coop in Central Brooklyn. It’s called Central Brooklyn Food Coop, and it will be somewhere in Bed Stuy or Crown Heights. A location is being searched for still, but we are officially accepting members! The goal is to open in 2019. 

When I first found out about the initiative, I was living in a different neighborhood. I figured I’d join if I moved back to Central Brooklyn, thinking how great it would be to find quality ingredients all in one place.

It’s more than that.

The point of the coop is that predominantly POC neighborhoods across the U.S., and certainly in NYC, do not have access to fresh, healthy food. Politicians brush these neighborhoods aside, deeming them hopeless for any real change that can save people’s lives. We are saying NO.

Beautiful Bed Stuy.

Beautiful Bed Stuy.

Our neighborhoods are anything but hopeless. Bed Stuy has the most community gardens of any neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s a beautiful community built by caring people. Many people want fresh, healthy food to improve their own lives and their families’ lives. They just need to be able to afford it.

This coop model reflects that. There’s an option to pay $25 total for folks with income assistance. All members have voting rights, work requirements to keep the store running and essentially are owners of their own grocery store. Could anything be better, really? (Aside from having your own farm where you grab the local-est produce, I guess.) A coop creates solidarity and ownership in a local economy that all too often looks away from POC who built their communities.


This coop will also be a resource center for cooking classes and other community events.

Sometimes these efforts feel small. Another meeting. Another event. But this project speaks volumes to what we all have to do in our local communities: stand up, raise our voices and say NO to injustices that are affecting people’s daily lives.

To find out more about the coop, check out our upcoming events!

Hope everyone had a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!

Beth KaisermanComment