Happy Place: Bunny

German pizza

German pizza

Happiness, gratitude and self-care mean something different to everyone.

My happiness is eating and celebrating nothing and everything with people I care about.

There are only a few restaurants in NYC that make me truly happy. It’s not all about the food. It’s about a feeling. (Cue Flashdance theme here.)

I generally avoid restaurants open less than six months, but will go after once it’s less busy and they’ve worked out their kinks. I hate being rushed through meals when servers need to turn tables quickly. I eat slowly and want to enjoy and relax.

When I find a new happy place, I get very excited.

Bunny’s bright green exterior caught my eye before, but it wasn’t until I saw it open at night that I saw something rare on this end of Nostrand Ave.

Wow, those people looked happy.

I moved it to the top of my to-eat list.

It’s a cozy Turkish/German spot with a clean, colorful, relaxed vibe.

Visit #1 was a few hours long, and every moment was seriously enjoyable. Even the bathroom was delightful.

Pumpkin hummus

Pumpkin hummus

The German pizza was my favorite, even though that’s what I was least excited to try. (My friend wanted it.)

Bunny gets its bread, pide, from a Turkish baker in New Jersey. It’s traditionally baked in hot clay ovens. I also loved the pumpkin hummus, served with crispy warm pide.

Visit #2 was equally lovely, uniting old friends and new who wanted to bond over food and discuss a very important topic: sourdough.

Bunny’s bread and bites were perfect for this.

This time my favorite new dish was cigar borek, crispy filo cigars stuffed with potato. What more could you want on a snowy night?

I personally prefer the savories, but this wafer sandwich with hazelnut ice cream and sour cherry sauce sure is pretty.

I personally prefer the savories, but this wafer sandwich with hazelnut ice cream and sour cherry sauce sure is pretty.

Oh yeah, mulled wine. It’s served slowly, thoughtfully and isn’t cloyingly sweet or overpowering.

The owners are lovely and caring, pacing the food just right, answering questions quickly and happily — and beaming with joy when we cleaned our plates. They were so proud of us. They should be really proud of their restaurant.

They also have records on the wall and DJs sometimes. The music in the restaurant is just low enough so you can hear people talk.

I still need to ask the owners why it’s called Bunny.

I luff this place and can’t wait for more cozy visits. See you there during the next snowstorm!

Beth KaisermanComment